About Us

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Our Story


[one_half]In 2018 our brand Paul Arvin was born, created by two young entrepreneurs with a lot of talent and taste, who bet on the manufacture of quality accessories and design that bring a touch of color to the life of all strong people and eager to eat the world.

We were inspired by those people who are different, those who had something to say and a free lifestyle; and that is why we work every day so that our designs differ from other brands.



Our mission is to provide the latest fashion accessories designed with pride and dedication by all the components of the PAUL ARVIN brand.

We are convinced that our designs will accompany you in your trips, meetings, events, and monopolize all the eyes of the most curious.
We work with the best materials on the market to guarantee that each piece is unique and special, like those who own it.


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Services & Capabilities



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Our products: 100%

We deliver premium on-trend accessories designed at our headquarters in Marbella. We’re so confident you’ll love what we do, and we offer free worldwide shipping.





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Our socials: 100%

We’re more than just quality accessories — we’re a community of supporters across our socials. Follow us on insta for a glimpse into our lifestyle.






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Logistics: 100%

We are offering free worldwide standard shipping, and sooner than you think you will receive your Paul Arvin product at home.


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